Sweetgreens, a chain of fresh and scrumptious salads

Sweetgreen’s name is quite popular nowadays among the latest chains of casual salads. Apart from being healthy and nutritious, they are scrumptious too. People usually love these salads because of the use of vibrant lettuce in them, their amazing dressing style and tangy, cheesy crumbles.

Nathaniel Ru is the view that Sweetgreen is famous and successful because of the healthy salads that it provides. The prices of these salads are affordable too. Its prices are usually equal to the price of burger and fries but they are junk food, and that is why salads by Sweetgreen are number one choice for the people who are health conscious.

This chain of salads was established by Nathaniel Ru in Washington DC. It started in the year 2007. Nowadays, this chain is spread over more than forty sites in New York and California. The new chains will soon be opened in Boston and Chicago. Nathaniel, being the co-founder of Sweetgreen says that there is always a right time to start a business like opening a store. It is because entering a market is important as the number of stores being opened.

The first store of Swetgreen was opened at 28th and Broadway in New York. It was a NoMad neighborhood which is highly chic and classy. At that time, a lot of fast food restaurants were opening up on the 23rd street. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

Sweetgreen has always remained special and different from its competitors. The other supplies are situated in the surrounding neighborhoods of Tribeca, Nolita, and Williamsburg. The high quality and delicious salads keep the place crowded at lunch and dinner hours as well as weekends.

Nathaniel Ru has focused on the design of Sweetgreen. It has clean and long lines that lead to smiling faces. The simple product has been converted to a personalized service and is consistent to each customer. People mostly visit this restaurant. Some order salads through the website or their personalized app.

People visiting Sweetgreens are really intrigued by their open kitchen. They are able to see the live cooking, the entire kitchen and the process of making the salad. In this way, they get quite confident that they are eating a healthy meal.

The cool thing about this place is that you wont find any kind of assembly line. Every individual has to go through the whole setup. But it is a highly accurate process and is applauded by the customers.