Lovaganza, a New Humanitarian Effort in Entertaiment

While some may see the undercurrent of world events as dark and chaotic, Lovaganza strives to bring all that is good about humanity into clear focus. What is Lovaganza? It is an entertainment enterprise set to launch in 2017, with an aim to unify world cultures and elevate the human spirit. Described as a “Bohemian Adventure,” Lovaganza is grand in its vision, incorporating many mediums and venues including film, live exhibitions, music, and cutting edge technology. Lovaganza’s message is non-cynical: within our differences, we can flourish together.

At the center of Lovaganza is the Convoy film trilogy. These films will be released from 2018 to 2020 and are designed to show the struggles and the triumph of the human spirit with zest, suspense, pathos, action, and humor. The first film “Follow Your Sunshine,” tells the story of a young priest who believes he understands how to end all war.  Along the way he is recruited by a secret organization on designideas.pics, the Golden Wings and must fight against the machinations of the evil Invisible Hand. This exciting film will be shown both in regular and 3D movie theaters. However, most important, it is also filmed to make use of the exiting new technology: Immerscope. Immerscope offers a 3D perspective, without the need of 3D glasses, and can feature a 360 degree screen, putting the audience in the center of the action.

Immerscope will be a central part of the Lovaganza exhibitions which will begin in 2017 and travel worldwide. Visitors will be able to experience the amazing 360 degree screen and view Lovaganza’s animated film: The Marvelous 12. The soundtrack for this uplifting feature is currently be recorded at Abbey Road studios in London. Visitors on Crunchbase will also be welcome on a “walk around the world,” and experience the wealth of different world cultures.

The Lovaganza enterprise will crescendo from May to September of 2020. Exhibitions will be held simultaneously in America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania.  This event will again utilize state of the art technology, “Unity Machines,” to cut across mountains and oceans. People from all continents will be able to come together and join hands. The result is an enormous human circle of trust around the Earth. Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/lovaganza-officially-announces-dates-highly-193000575.html

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    The culmination of these events will be the Hands Across the World Ceremony. He leaves behind his robes and travels by motorcycle to spread his message. That is the coolest thing for essay on time to do which is a very good thing to do right now.

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