Deliver Your Hair Over To A Unique Hair Care Blend

Transform your dull dry hair into vibrant locks with a unique blend of Wen by Chaz products. They have the perfect blend of essential amino acids and vitamin C and E that give your hair the perfect balance of restoration and treatment.

Discover a hair care secret that is used by some of the top beauty care professionals in the industry. You can remove excess oil and dirt with products like their cleansing conditioner. Build your hair from the hair follicle throughout each strand with Wen by Chaz.. Don’t risk unmanageable hair that is untamed and in an unhealthy state.

Wen By Chaz Is A Unique Blend Of Hair Care Products Chosen By Thousands

Wen by Chaz is unique for having all the essential vitamins and amino acids that have proven results in restoring dry damaged hair. Take your hair from dry and untamed to rich and full with the infused ingredients guaranteed to transform your hair packed into each product. You can add WEN cleansing conditioner to your daily hair routine and build your hair immediately from the first wash, rinse, condition, or treatment. They offer aromatherapy products that include Mandarin Italian and Almond Milk. You can heighten your senses with the benefits of a superior fragrance blended within each hair care product.

Wen By Chaz Products

– Styling tools
– Styling products
– All-in-one conditioner
– Deep cleansing conditioner
– Aromatherapy
– 5 day hair care system
and more…

Great hair requires a regular hair care routine that will aid realistic growth and improved nourishment. Their hair care products at Wen by Chaz are hypoallergenic and great for all hair care types. Their most popular product has been their peach summer cleansing conditioner. Thousands of women around the world appreciate the benefits of having long healthy hair that is protected from heat and the damage of other chemicals by using Wen by Chaz.

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Jeremy Goldstein’s Career As An Executive Compensation Expert


The New York State Bar Association has made it easier to locate a lawyer as they have made it possible to now access their Lawyer Referral And Information Service online at This confidential service will allow users to fill out a questionnaire about the legal issue they face and then be referred to a nearby lawyer who is experienced with that type of legal issue. This service is free and, if the person decides to meet with the lawyer, it’s only $35 for the first 30 minutes of the consultation with execeptions such as social security, medical malpractice, personal injury, and some other areas of the law. Elana Jaffe Tastensen, a lawyer in Saratoga Springs, said the referral service was a great way to obtain new clients and grow her practice.

Another lawyer in the New York City area is Jeremy Goldstein. Goldstein is a Partner at his law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. Jeremy Goldstein’s legal specialization is executive compensation and corporate governance. He advises stakeholders that have an interest in what executives are paid including Chief Executive Officers, compensation committees, and management teams.

Jeremy Goldstein earned his Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Cornell University in 1995. He continued his education and in 1996 Jeremy Goldstein earned a Master of Arts in Art History from the University of Chicago and then earned his law degree in 1999 from the New York University School of Law. He started his legal career at the law firm Shearman & Sterling LLP as an Associate.

In just his second year in the legal field Jeremy Goldstein joined the highly touted legal firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Kratz. During his 14 year career he was made a Partner of this firm. It was in 2014 that he established his own practice.


Doe Deere – article recap

Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Lime Crime Cosmetics is one of the most popular cosmetic brands on the market. Continue reading to find out more about Doe Deere and how Lime Crime became as popular as it did.


Early Life


Doe Deere was born in Russia in 1981. She is a Gemini and was born on June 15th. When she was 17 she moved to New York City where she lived with her family. Although it was a huge change and a big city Deere felt right at home in New York. She had a bright fun expressive personality as well as a bright fun fashion sense and the city was the perfect place to express that.


Early Career


Doe Deere originally dreamed of being a musician. She originally started in the music world before eventually moving on to the fashion world. In 2004 Deere opened her first eBay store and began selling her DIY fashion line. After spending a few years selling her fashion and being a part of the fashion world Deere eventually went on to create Lime Crime cosmetics.


Lime Crime Cosmetics


In 2008 Doe released her first Lime Crime beauty products. She offered a variety of fun lip products as well as other products including primer. Just a short time later Deere released one of her most popular products ever the Unicorn lipstick. The Unicorn lipstick is a unique cupcake scented lipstick that comes in a wide range of bold colors. It is a very moisturizing lipstick and comes in an adorable pink lipstick tube. It is still one of Lime Crimes top selling products.


To this day Doe Deere continues to create a variety of fun and interesting makeup products. Lime Crime currently offers a large variety of lip products including matte lipsticks, lip glosses, and even a variety of fun lip toppers. Lime Crime also offers variety of fun eyeshadow palettes as well as super foil eyeshadows.


Each and every Lime Crime product is vegan friendly as well as cruelty free. They never contain any animal products and they are never tested on animals. Lime Crime is backed by Peta as well as Leaping Bunny. They are two of the biggest animal care agencies in the world that work to protect the safety and health of animals. Lime Crime products can be found online as well as in a few different retail locations.



The issues that have been plaguing MB2 Dental for the past few years

MB2 was started by professionals that wanted to offer services such as connecting dental clinic with the right professionals and resolving insurance and related issues from the dental practice. The company is currently connected to a network of 19 dental practices which cater for both adults and children.

The founders of the group had worked as dentists for a while before they decided to start the organization. As a result, they had a deep understanding of the main issues in the sector and the most workable solutions. The current headquarters of the company is in Dallas, Texas.

The organization hit the headlines when it was announced that they had been making unsupported claims of dental insurance for pediatric dental services that were not offered.

After investigations were done and the case heard, the company was ordered to pay $8.45 million t the federal and the state government as compensation for the claims that had been made over a period of four years.

Attorney John Parker of the Northern District of Texas was part of the legal proceedings and he stated that the sooner the settlement was made, the better it would be for everyone involved.

The lawyer explained that the dental practices that were affiliated with MB2 Dental had made these false claims between 2009 and 2014. He saw this as the first step towards ensuring that the money that came from the hardworking taxpayers was not used for these causes.

The Medicaid program that had been defrauded by the company is jointly owned by the federal and the state government. He explained that half of the money would be taken by the federal government and the other half would go to the state government.

The company has its headquarters in Carrolton Texas. The founders of the company, Dr. Christopher Villanueva, Dr. Trung Mihn Tang, Dr. Mauricio Dardano and several others were also found to be personally liable in some of the charges. They were each ordered to pay $250, 000 to the government.

According to White Pages, the head of marketing for MB2 Dental will pay a hundred thousand as personal liability in the case. In addition to these payments all the dental claim that were made by the company are going to be assessed again to establish whether they are genuine or not. This will be done according to a CIA that was made between the company and the legal justice system of the state of Texas.

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What is Fabletics and how can it challenge Amazon?

We all know what is. Maybe only people from Mars have yet to get a delivery from this massive marketer of everything from books to baked goods. Indeed, Amazon controls 20% of the online fashion market.


Fabletics is a subscription-based athletic wear company catering to a small number of fitness practitioners who want regular upgrades to their exercise wardrobes. It’s difficult to understand how Fabletics can pose any kind of threat to Amazon, but they certainly do.


Fabletics has taken aim at that 20% ecommerce market share that Amazon has claimed, but Fabeltics is turning the tables to ensure success. Rather than challenging Amazon on quantity, Fabletics is basing their challenge on quality and a targeted section of the 20% fashion sales figure.


Fabletics started as a subscription company, not unlike the book clubs of old. Very like those book clubs, Fableics entices customers to sign onto a subscription by making a fabulous initial offer: they promise new subscribers a complete fitness outfit for the price of a pair of inexpensive yoga pants (about $20).


The trick with this sales approach is that it is relatively easy to get customers to take that very attractive initial offer, but keeping customers is much more difficult. Fabletics addresses the issue of customer retention by consistently offering high quality clothing targeted to the tastes of each customer.


It’s easy to think that, though smaller than Amazon, Fabletics is still too large to personalize each shipment. This is a logical thought, but it is based on a limited understanding of the model.


When new customers subscribe to Fabletics, they take a short quiz on their fashion and exercise preferences. This forms the foundation of the database on each customer. For example, if in the initial quiz a customer stated that she prefers long tights to capri tights, you can be sure that capri tights do not feature in subsequent deliveries.


Each month adds to the information Fabletics has about each customer. The company learns as much about the clothing that customers returns as they do about the clothing customers keep. This enables Fabletics to better understand each customer so that each order is more likely to please.


This model might not have succeeded had the quality of the products been poor. Everyone now sells fitness wear from your local drug store to high-end boutiques so Fabletics entered a very crowded field when they embraced athletic clothing as their main product. However, what Fabletics is doing is offering both form and substance. Their clothing is remarkably interesting and fashionable as well as being durable.


Add the quality factor to the loyalty and customer service and you begin to understand how Fabletics can challenge Amazon in this corner of their fashion ecommerce business.


Perhaps Amazon builds business by the thousands, but Fabletics is doing pretty well by building one loyal customer at a time and by treating their customers like individuals rather than a single, homogeneous mass of humanity. It certainly seems to be working. Let Amazon beware!

The Lung Institute: Alternative Yet Effective Treatment Options For Those With Lung Diseases

The Lung Institute was founded with the goal of improving the lives of patients who suffer from chronic lung diseases like interstitial lung disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and pulmonary fibrosis. Those who suffer from these diseases can have dramatically impaired lives, both mentally and physically.

Until the founding of the Lung Institute, treatments for lung diseases usually came with negative side effects that aimed at simply relieving the symptoms. Those treatments typically didn’t work to slow to progression of the disease. With a lack of available treatments, the Lung Institute began developing their innovative stem cell therapy in order to affect more than the patients’ symptoms.

Their personalized treatment options focus on a patient’s current condition and medical history to help give them the best treatment possible. The Lung Institute uses the tremendous technology of stem cells to promote natural healing inside the patient, First, stem cells are removed from the patient’s bone marrow or blood. They then take the stem cells and reintroduce them into the patient. When stem cells are reintroduced into the body through an IV, they stop to rest in the lungs, making it a perfect treatment for lung diseases. While they sit in the lungs, the stem cells promote spectacular inflammation reduction and natural healing.

According to the Baylor College of Medicine, venous stem cell treatments are less invasive and are more focused on hematopoietic stem cells. This process is typically less painful than bone marrow procedures and usually happens over the course of three days. Bone marrow treatments usually take place in two parts, over the course of three days. While these treatments may be more uncomfortable and require more recovery time, bone marrow does contain a larger number of adult stem cells and have a much higher success rate.

Senior Medical Director Jack Coleman is an accomplished medical professional who is passionate about helping patients. The Lung Institute is located in five areas around the country. These locations are Dallas, Texas, Tampa, Florida, Nashville, Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Scottsdale, Arizona. They also offer free consultations and patient coordinators that walk patients through every step of the process, from qualification, to treatments and recovery. For more info, visit

David Giertz – Experienced Financial Expert And Dynamic Business Leader

In a recent interview with Wall Street Journal, he was asked about the importance of social security and why many financial advisers across the length and breadth of the country are not telling their clients much about the social security. In the recent developments across the country, there have been many complaints registered on Finra informally online and offline as to why the advisers are not informing clients about social security and its importance in regards to the retirement income planning.

David Giertz said that in a survey conducted by Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute on Nationwide with the target audience consisting of people pre and post-retirement around ten years, most of the people were of the opinion that their advisers don’t educate them enough about social security. He also added that most of these people who are close to retirement or are already retired were willing to change their financial advisers if the advisers do not optimize their financial planning including social security. David Giertz added that social security could be around forty percent of the retirement income, and therefore, must be considered seriously.

David Giertz is the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors since 2013 and is responsible for the marketing, distribution, and sales of retirement plans offered by the company. The company at also offers a wide range of other financial products such as life insurance, mutual funds, and annuities.

He has done BS from the Millikin University, and MBA from the University of Miami. During his tenure, Nationwide Financial Distributors has seen a tremendous growth in sales and market reputation. He is also on the board of trustees at the Millikin University.

Effective Real Estate Developer Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani acquired his school degree at the University of Washington. As a student, he was hard working, and Sajwani obtained a degree in economics. When Sajwani graduated, he looked for a job and got one in a gas firm.


However, he quickly proceeded onward to establish his particular organization, Draieh Management Services Co (DAMAC). He later renamed the organization DAMAC Properties which is the name regardless it holds today. DAMAC, for which Hussain Sajwani fills in as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, is a worldwide property engineer of land resources including private, business, and relaxation properties all through the Middle East.


Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties, situated in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai, was one of the underlying engineers in the mid 90’s blast of new structures there. As always individuals came to Dubai to live and work together, Hussain Sajwani assembled a few inns to suit them.


DAMAC represents considerable authority in creating extravagance structures and greens. The organization has cooperated with some top of the line brands, for example, Versace and Bugatti to style the insides of structures. Hussain Sajwani likewise banded together with Tiger Woods keeping in mind the end goal to build up a green, which will be overseen by the Trump Organization. Named the Trump International Golf Club, the course has connected the top of the line manors worth over $2 billion. There are arrangements for DAMAC and Trump International to an accomplice on different undertakings in the Middle East later on.


In 2013 Sajwani composed a check for nearly $550,000 as a component of an altruistic push to dress a million ruined youngsters around the globe. In an announcement, he said that this gift was a piece of his organization’s endeavors to enhance the way of life around the world.

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Oncologist Mikhail Blagosklonny: Cancer Researcher And Educator

Oncologist Mikhail Blagosklonny is a scientist and researcher that studies both cancer and diseases related to aging. He’s also a professor of oncology at New York’s Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

He attended St. Petersburg’s First Pavlov State Medical University where he earned an M.D. in internal medicine as well as a PhD in cardiology and experimental medicine. In 2002 New York Medical College located in Valhalla, New York appointed him associate professor of medicine. He later became an Orday Research Institute senior scientist.

The areas of focus for Blogosklonny’s research include cancer and effective targeted cancer therapies designed to protect normal cells from damage, the mechanisms underlying aging as well as viable anti-aging drugs.

Blagosklonny has created a hypothesis about TOR signaling’s possible role in aging and cancer. He has also proposed the use of the popular cancer drug rapamycin as a possible treatment to extend life.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is the editor-in-chief of a number of publications focused on cancer and age-related issues. Those publications include Oncotarget, Cell Cycle and Aging. He is also Cancer Biology & Therapy’s associate editor and is on Cell Death & Differentiation’s editorial board.

According to Linekd In profile, Mikhail Blagosklonny has also written numerous medical research articles as well as book chapters explaining in great detail the research he conducted and how the information he has gathered can be of great help to physicians and people suffering with cancer and age related diseases.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has worked hard to ensure the results of his research are accurate and helpful to other researchers, medical professionals and patients suffering from cancer and other diseases.

As an educator he is always focused on ensuring the information he shares with his students helps them to become better oncologists and allows them to be able to make valuable contributions to the field. According to Research Gate, Mikhail Blagosklonny also does his best to ensure the general public knows as much as possible about the causes and treatments for cancer.

Securus Technology Sets The Record Straight

With success comes a lot of opposition. For one thing, there are always going to be rivals. When a company achieves some kind of success that the rivals want, then this is going to result in some kind of opposition. Among the different types of opposition that a successful person faces is some kind of inaccurate claim made on them. Securus has had plenty of claims made about it. It has taken the time to challenge and refute these claims. Afterwards, it has set the record straight and regained its reputation as an inmate communications company.


The nature of the reports are not only inaccurate towards Securus Technologies, but it is also inaccurate to the entity that is issuing the report. Among the false bits of information that GTL presents in its report are the supposed violations of patents that were carried out by Securus. This is very important to the business of the company.


Securus will continue to offer communications services for inmates and those that are connected to them. This will help the inmates keep in touch with people in the outside world so that they will be able to readjust when they get out. Securus is also working on other projects that are designed to emphasize the corrective aspects of jail and prison. After all, people need the proper rehabilitation in order to be able to function in society after a bit of time being done. Securus also shows an ability to deal with all of the false charges made against the company without resorting to anything that is really crazy.