The Journey of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey as Activists

For a charity organization to run efficiently, it is apparent that it would need funding. These funds enable the day to day operations of such agencies to be run. The Larkin and Lacey foundation is an organization that provides funding for such organizations. Various activist groups based in Arizona are a beneficiary of this fund.

The association was founded in 2013 and has ever since managed to create an impact on the lives of many immigrants in the U.S.A. It was established by two journalists in Arizona namely Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

The two own two media houses are known as the Village Voice Media and the Phoenix New Times. The journalists published stories bringing to light the injustices committed by Joe Arpaio, the then sheriff of Maricopa County. The sheriff had perpetrated prejudices against immigrants including harassment.

Due to this, the sheriff ordered the arrest of the two activists. However, the detention was rendered illegal when the two journalists sued the county for violations of their rights as stipulated in the Fifth Amendment. As compensation, the two journalists were awarded a sum of$3.75 million.

The Frontera Fund has played a significant role in funding many foundations that push for immigrant rights. Among the beneficiaries, we have the Arizona Justice Project created to innocent immigrants that have been jailed and to also who are faced with such detentions.

According to AJP, many poor people are faced with similar injustices just because they are unable to pay their legal fees. It is for this reason that it has taken upon itself to help people who have been wrongfully accused and or detained, prisoners who lack a decent health care and inmates who have been punished beyond measure. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Facebook

The Arizona Justice Project believes that when injustices are perpetuated peoples, freedom is compromised. It has partnered with law schools across Arizona, investigators, and lawyers who offer pro bono services so that it can accomplish its mission of protecting people. The investigators are an asset because they help by providing them with witnesses and new evidence.

Currently, AJP is working hard towards solving about 36 cases that have been brought to it. It issues newsletters to the immigrant communities and the accused persons so they can be aware of how their appeal cases are proceeding. Other than that the newsletters also serve to create awareness of things that deal with illegal imprisonment and it also updates law students on forensic science discoveries.

The Arizona Dream Act Coalition (ADAC) is also another charity that benefits from Michael’s and Jims Fund. The initiative was started by undocumented youths in Arizona. They spoke against legislation that was passed in 2006. The law barred them from benefiting from scholarships that were being offered and funded publicly. The bill also needed that the undocumented individuals pay more tuition fees than the Americans. Even though undocumented, the young individuals relentlessly fought against the injustices.

ADAC has directed a lot of their efforts in ensuring that Mexican youth who are immigrants in the US are accorded their rights and that they also get to pay affordable for their tuition fees. It has sued the governor of Arizona for refusing to issue them with driver’s licenses. This event occurred after clearance by the Department of Homeland Security.

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Luiz Carols Trabuco The Long Serving Employee In Bradesco And Nominated President

Luiz Carols Trabuco is the nominated President of Bradesco. The famous leader is a graduate from the University of São Paulo with a degree in philosophy and postgraduate in social psychology from School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo. Bradesco bank is based in Cidade de Deus in Brazil.

The appointed CEO has performed in various divisions as an employee in Bradesco, where he worked for forty years. Luiz Carols Trabuco was named the proposed fourth Bradesco president due to his commitment to deliver value transformation in several capacities he served. Bradesco is one of the top performers among Brazil financial institutions; however, Luiz Carols Trabuco is expected to take over at the moment the bank is experiencing economic instabilities. The situation will affect the development plans. Credit Cruise issued reports projecting a drop in returns to equity from 23.3% to 21.3% comparing the year 2008 to 2009 respectively.

Marcio Cypriano, the outgoing president, has served in the position for ten years. Having attained 65 years of age as per the policy, he has to pave the way for other professionals. During his tenure Marcio Cypriano managed to acquire ten banks, he leaves a remarkable achievement in Bradesco. Currently, his successor Luiz Carols Trabuco will assume the position until his confirmation during the first Council meeting.

Luiz Carols Trabuco is a recommendable leader with track record of performance in Bradesco since 1969. Joining the organization as a clerk in Marilla agency, he delivered to satisfactory and in 1971 was promoted to the headquarters of São Paulo as the marketing director. In 1992 to 1998 this upcoming CEO worked in private pension company as a president and senior director. In the year 1999, he served in the capacity of executive vice president in the insurance unit. Luiz Carols Trabuco embraced promotion to the president position in 2003.

Read more: At age 91, Lázaro Brandão resigns from Bradesco’s board of directors

Luiz Carols Trabuco Accomplishments

In previous years, Bradesco publicity was wanting, but in the 1980s, a tremendous change was experienced when Luiz Carlos Trabuco and his marketing team took a turn of events by modernizing and marketing the company. During his tenure in 2003, the insurance unit attained 25% market share ranking it the largest in Latin America. The nominated president assisted in improving Bradesco service delivery, through his strategies that contributed to the restructuring of the various divisions in the organization.

Leadership Opportunities

Since 2013 Luiz Carlos Trabuco served as the chair of the group insurer, and he is the deputy chair at Institute for Supplementary Health Studies (IESS) and the leader of the newly established Fenasaúde and Fenaseg Council. Being a leader of results and transformation, Luiz Carols Trabuco attracted several interests by different organizations. He has headed Bradesco Vida e Previdência SA, International Association of Economic Studies of Insurance, Geneva, National Association of Private Pensions (NAPP), and the National Financial Marketing Commission of Febraban (Brazilian Federation of Bank Associations).

Succession Plan

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has built his name through his efforts to achieving and contributing positively to the growth of Bradesco. Serving in the insurer group fostered a prosperous career path for the nominated president. He was the highly voted candidate for the position of CEO in Bradesco. Having worked at different levels in the organization besides his remarkable performance, Luiz Carlos Trabuco qualifies to be the favored candidate.

Bradesco founder Amador Aguiar served as the first president and later preceded by Lázaro Brandão, the current leader of the board of directors. Marcio Cypriano served as the third president, and he will be leaving office in March 2009, his proposed predecessor Luiz Carols Trabuco assumes the position. However, he is expecting endorsement during the first council meeting convened after the general assembly. The appointed president, chairs a party that contributes nearly to 40% of Bradesco income.

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Imran Haque’s Incredible Services to the People of North Carolina

Imran Haque is a prominent and respected internist having specialized in internal medicine. The doctor is situated in Asheboro in North Carolina. Imran Haque is the owner of Horizon Internal Medicine where he conducts his research and undertakes most of his work. At a recent interview, the doctor explained where his idea came from, and most of his work was inspired by the will to help the community. In his line of work, Imran Haque realized that some medical services are not offered at the local level. The realization made the doctor open the Horizon Internal Medicine to serve the community of North Carolina.

The action bore positive remarks from patients who were happy and satisfied with the high-quality services offered at the center. The doctor stated that implementing plans and ideas requires a lot of work such as finances, enough information by doing a conclusive research, diligence, and positivity. Patience is another fundamental requirement for success because it helps one to be organized. Networking is the final step in the implementation process to create awareness of the upcoming business. Imran also stated that one improvement in the healthcare industry that has him excited is the incorporation of technology. The innovations are simplifying procedures such as data entry and record keeping. The doctor is excellent at multi-tasking, and it has become a habit that proves to be quite advantageous when it comes to entrepreneurship.

The doctor graduated with an M.D from the University of Virginia. He also attended the Universidad Iberoamericana and earned a medical degree; the University is located in Santo Domingo. After school, Imran received his certification, and at the moment he is fully licensed to practice medicine. The doctor has been in the medical field for more than 15 years gaining the experience. He has diagnosed and found the treatment for a wide range of illnesses. Patients prefer Imran because of his location which is convenient for them. Another reason is that the doctor conducts a thorough test and gives conclusive results. The doctor’s credentials are an added advantage, and patients feel safe dealing with Imran. Imran believes in creating lasting relationships with his patients by treating each person uniquely and more


Troy McQuagge Wins CEO Of The Year For Dedicated Work With USHealth Group

Troy McQuagge struck gold when he was awarded the CEO of the year award in 2016 for being the brilliant leader of USHealth Group, a health insurance company based in Texas. The company has been in the business for an incredibly long time, and when Troy McQuagge took over as the CEO of the company, he knew that there would be a lot resting on his shoulders.

With an incredible set of leadership skills coupled with his experience in the field, Troy McQuagge soon proved to be the CEO that the company needed to progress into modern times. Because of this contribution that he has had to the growth of USHealth Group, Troy McQuagge was seen as a brilliant person to receive this prestigious award. Learn more about Troy McQuagge:

The award was presented to him by One Planet Awards, which is an organization that awards people from various sectors who have all contributed to the growth and development of their companies and the field as a whole.

Troy McQuagge is considered to be an essential part of the health insurance industry, and people look up to him as an important mentor to follow to grow in the field of health insurance. Read more: USHealth Group Announces Troy McQuagge Promoted As New President

In the past, One Planet Awards has paid homage to some of the biggest names in a variety of international industries. The organization sets the bar high when it comes to the people that they give awards to, which is what makes getting this award such a huge honor. Troy McQuagge was indeed happy to be the recipient of this award and accepted it with absolute grace and humbleness.

When he had to give his speech upon getting the award, he said that the award was not just for him, but all the thousands of employees working hard to make USHealth Group the company that it is today.

Glassdoor reveals that Troy McQuagge has brought along massive success to USHealth Group. Even though before he took over, the company was at the top of his game; he managed to bring on changes that would help the overall efficiency and the work that the company does for the people that come to it.

The company operates out of its central headquarters in Texas and has numerous centers all over the country. Today, USHealth Group can proudly say that they have offered their services to millions of customers all over America.

The customers are the reason USHealth Group is one of the top health insurance providers in the company, and no one knows that better than Troy McQuagge.

As the CEO of the company, he has worked hard to bring new ideas to life to give the customers better health insurances that fit their needs and budget perfectly.

An Insight on Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr Jennifer Walden has many tittles to her name which includes American plastic surgeon, an academic as well as a talented media commentator. She is also the founder of the popular Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. The institution has its main offices located in Austin, Texas and it specializes in ambulatory surgery as well as plastic surgery. It also has a satellite office situated in marble falls, Texas. The career journey of Dr. Walden started when she went to serve with Sherrell Aston in Manhattan as her mentor. Jennifer Walden was in 2014 listed by Harper’s Bazaar as one of the 24 Best Beauty Surgeons. The skill of Dr. Jennifer Walden when it comes to plastic surgery has in the past been featured by Dr 90210, VH1, ABC News, Fox News and E! as well as numerous other additional outlets.

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a child to a dentist father and a surgical nurse mother. She went for her high school studies at the Anderson High School. She later graduated from the University of Texas where she managed to earn her Undergraduate Degree in Biology. Jennifer Walden later attended the University of Texas medical Branch where she went to medical school and managed to be honored as the salutatorian of her class. Dr. Jennifer Walden got her fellowship for aesthetic surgery after she completed her residency. She also managed to participate in clinical trials about the implants of silicone breasts. Jennifer left New York and went back to Austin after she gave birth to twin boys and more

It was during this time that Dr. Jennifer Walden established her private practice in Westlake Hills. In 2015 she was featured as a spokeswoman by the ASAPS. She was also given recognition as a part of The Best Plastic Surgeons in America by the American Way.


Lacey and Larkin: Victorious Over Maricopa

Nearly one decade ago, two reporters stood against a corrupt sheriff in Maricopa County in Arizona. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, thought to be a benign character, launched a full assault against Phoenix New Times and its co-founders, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The end result was national outrage and a lawsuit.

Sheriff Arpaio, self-proclaimed “toughest sheriff in America”, sent his most feared unit of deputies to the homes of Lacey and Larkin in the middle of the night. Both men were dragged from their residences and forced into unmarked SUVs and taken to separate jails, both managed by the sheriff.

Sheriff Arpaio always viewed himself as a hero of the county. When Phoenix New Times began writing stories about his shady activities and blatant disregard for the lives of Latinos, he became hostile. While everyone else in Arizona ignored the sheriff’s behavior, New Times cited numerous accounts of his hatred for Latinos.

As time progressed, New Times delved deeper into Arpaio. The further they dug, the more inconsistent his dealings became. On the surface, he’s a hard-working sheriff with a slight prejudice against Latinos. In reality, he’s closer to a full-blown racist, hell-bent on unconstitutional assaulting or detaining Hispanics.

Arpaio focused on the paper and its co-founders after the posted a cover story about his direct abuse of power. His first step was serving them with a grand jury subpoena demanding they hand over all the materials involving him and his actions. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

In truth, he not only wanted their notes and reports, he also wanted the names of their readers and all the personal information on their employees. When Lacey and Larkin refused, they were charged and arrested. Luckily, they were released and have since sued Maricopa County and won $3.75 million. They used the money to start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

The winnings from their lawsuit have gone to local migrant-rights groups and organizations that fight for free speech. Fighting the politics of conservative beliefs have been Michael Lacey’s lifelong career. It started in the 70s when he wrote his first paper about how the conservative mentality viewed antiwar protests on campus.

That’s around the same time he met Jim Larkin. Larkin’s lived in Phoenix his whole life. He grew in a tough society with messed up beliefs. So, he and Lacey got along immediately.

Maintain Contact with Your Loved Ones in Jail by Use of the Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies Company is a technology profit making company operating in Dallas, Texas. The company has been operational since 1986 with regional offices across the nation. The firm hires over one thousand people and has contracted over 2600 prisons and jails in Canada and the United States of America. According to financial data available to the public, the company has invested over $600 million in acquisition and technology patents for the last three years.


The company deals in a range of products and services. Last year, the company introduced a system to help in controlling the issue and distribution of contraband cell phones. The system was developed in a way that would prevent the contraband cells from accessing mobile and internet access. Due to the impact that the company was receiving, the company was able to get more than five approvals in various departments of correctional facilities in the United States.


The company has been in the record for its role in the provision of telephone services to the US County and state prisons. The company has invested in technology to help you save time by using the Anywhere Visit to help you schedule your visitation. The program allows you to plan on visiting your friends at your convenience. With the system, you do not have to get limited to making visitations during some limited times.


The program works via a remote camera and a laptop. With a steady internet connection, you can communicate to your loved ones at any time and with a lot of ease. All you need to get started is an Online Securus Account, steady internet, a web camera, laptop and a phone. The effectiveness of the program will vary from one facility to the next. Some will require you to make plans in advance while others will allow you to connect easily with a laptop. Irrespective of the facility rules, ensure you are having quality time with your loved ones.



Jose Auriemo Neto Achievements

Jose Auriemo Neto is Real estate entrepreneur and also the CEO of JHSF company which is a Real Estate company founded in 1972. It is the leader in the real estate sector where it has been participating in the provision of rental houses and premises for business operations, building and improving shopping centers, hotels and also developments of airports. The company has significance in identifying new business opportunities in the market it operates. He is an Alumnus of Sao Paulo based FAAP university. His career began in 1993, and within four years, he had already created a parking lot service department which performed very well one year after. The company’s executive team gave him the green light to develop and improve Santa Cruz, JHSF’s first shopping mall. He manages the company’s development and management operations projects.

He secured partnership deals with other famous investors that initiated in launching the firm first outlet at Cidade Jardim in 2009. Under his leadership in 2012, JHSF has marked fantastic growth and expanded its investment opportunities. For example, the company secured another partnership deal with R.E.D Valentino in 2012 under Jose Auriemo leadership. Neto contributes highly in ensuring the building of many real estates and excellent management and operations of those real estates.

In 2001, Jose and his brother made a great contribution in real estate by constructing a shopping mall in Brazil, and after two years Jose started managing already established companies. Jose primary goal in his career journey is to ensure that everyone acquires better and quality homes and also improvement of quality services in every mall. He has dealt entirely with luxurious markets generating income, and this made him expand his duties as a co-founder.

Jose Auriemo Neto has succeeded in every opportunity he has in the real estate and also in every development project he has undertaken. His broad experience, greater skills and his determination in real estate in real estate has contributed to his success.

Dr. Mack McKenna : The Doctor Businessman Combination

Dr. Mack McKenna is a doctor who is known for being much more than a member of the medical profession. He is a surgeon and a physician who is a part of numerous governmental organizations that cater to the healthcare and welfare of the people in society. Dr. Mack McKenna has worked with medical cases, and patients were coming to him from across the country. He is actively dedicated to the field and believes that he has the power to do his bit to contribute to society in some way or the other. He knows that his talents can be used for the betterment of the people, and it is only through that that they will be able to help the medical field grow in the direction that they desire. Dr. Mack McKenna has risen the ranks to an extremely prominent position in the society. He is a doctor who has spent the majority of his life is dedicated to the patients that he serves and the jobs that he does. He has an ample amount of experience in the field of medicine and surgery and has been perfecting his craft for a long while. He knows that his skills can be used to help people, which is the direction he is traveling in when it comes to the field.

Dr. Mack McKenna first started working in the field of medicine when he graduated medical school. He is a native to New Orleans and attended the Tulane University before he began working on his fellowship. This was one of his first steps into the field of medicine and was something which Dr. Mack McKenna knew would take him far in life.

Dr. Mack McKenna is also a businessman who has given life to numerous ventures across the country. Dr. Mack McKenna wanted his father build his businesses from the ground up and learned a thing or two about the world in which it lived. When he realized that he had reached the peak of his medical career, he realized that he did not have to be limited to one thing and therefore decided to step out and venture into the business realm for himself.

Sweetgreens, a chain of fresh and scrumptious salads

Sweetgreen’s name is quite popular nowadays among the latest chains of casual salads. Apart from being healthy and nutritious, they are scrumptious too. People usually love these salads because of the use of vibrant lettuce in them, their amazing dressing style and tangy, cheesy crumbles.

Nathaniel Ru is the view that Sweetgreen is famous and successful because of the healthy salads that it provides. The prices of these salads are affordable too. Its prices are usually equal to the price of burger and fries but they are junk food, and that is why salads by Sweetgreen are number one choice for the people who are health conscious.

This chain of salads was established by Nathaniel Ru in Washington DC. It started in the year 2007. Nowadays, this chain is spread over more than forty sites in New York and California. The new chains will soon be opened in Boston and Chicago. Nathaniel, being the co-founder of Sweetgreen says that there is always a right time to start a business like opening a store. It is because entering a market is important as the number of stores being opened.

The first store of Swetgreen was opened at 28th and Broadway in New York. It was a NoMad neighborhood which is highly chic and classy. At that time, a lot of fast food restaurants were opening up on the 23rd street. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

Sweetgreen has always remained special and different from its competitors. The other supplies are situated in the surrounding neighborhoods of Tribeca, Nolita, and Williamsburg. The high quality and delicious salads keep the place crowded at lunch and dinner hours as well as weekends.

Nathaniel Ru has focused on the design of Sweetgreen. It has clean and long lines that lead to smiling faces. The simple product has been converted to a personalized service and is consistent to each customer. People mostly visit this restaurant. Some order salads through the website or their personalized app.

People visiting Sweetgreens are really intrigued by their open kitchen. They are able to see the live cooking, the entire kitchen and the process of making the salad. In this way, they get quite confident that they are eating a healthy meal.

The cool thing about this place is that you wont find any kind of assembly line. Every individual has to go through the whole setup. But it is a highly accurate process and is applauded by the customers.